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Pastoral Letter 2014: Lord, Where Are You Going? Quo Vadis Domine?

Our vision and mission of a transformed Church requires significantquovadis - Jesus and Peter going in different directions 3 effort. We must consider Christ's call to each of us, and work together to develop personal and communal formation opportunities for becoming missionary disciples of Christ to our world. Such ongoing formation in discipleship will help us grow as followers of Christ.

Formation and support for leadership was one of the most important themes raised in our 2014 Assembly. Leadership is not primarily about exercising power – it is also "leadership" when each person does what is uniquely that person's role to do. We are all called to collaborative leadership and co-responsibility.

Changes In Diocesan Communications

"It is the Risen Christ who tells us, with a power that fills us with
confidence and unshakable hope: 'Behold, I make all things new' (Rev 5.21)" (EG#288)

Pope Francis concludes the Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) with the above words. He invites us to trust and have faith in the power of the Risen Christ. That power will not only transform us but help us to transform our world. If the Spirit of God is to make things new, we must discern what must change, what to retain and what to let go.

At the launching of the Archbishop's Pastoral Letter this past October, the elements of a pastoral plan were presented. The plan asks parishes to assess their current reality in the light of the mission that Christ calls us to and to prayerfully consider what should be reformed and what we must let go to follow him. The archdiocesan offices must also at this time review our services and determine how best to serve the needs of our parishes. We are on this journey of transformation together! One area that we are planning to change is the area of archdiocesan communications.

Ordination à Saulnierville

Samedi 8 novembre c'est la grande fête à Saulnierville. Gérald Tufts,Gerald Tufts Diaconate Ordination Nov 2014 croppedweb enfant de la paroisse, est ordonné diacre permanent dans l'Église catholique par Monseigneur Anthony Mancini, archevêque de Halifax-Yarmouth devant une grande foule de fidèles venus pour célébrer ensemble cette occasion très spéciale dans la vie de la communauté.

Depuis plus de cinq ans, Gérald se prépare à recevoir cette ordination. Tout au long de cette préparation, il fut accompagné par une équipe sous la direction du Père Pierre Drouin, c.j.m., responsable des sacrements à la paroisse Sacré-Cœur de Saulnierville.

Anniversary Masses With Archbishop Mancini

Come celebrate Mass with Archbishop Mancini, at Saint Mary’s IMG 1228croppedsmallCathedral Basilica,

Saturday, November 29, 12:15 pm for Archbishop Mancini’s 7th Anniversary of Installation, and

Monday, December 8, 12:15pm for the 3rd anniversary of the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth.

Today in the Roman Catholic Church

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