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Statement of: Canada Summer Jobs Program

Statement of: Canada Summer Jobs Program

....from the office of the Archbishop

January 24, 2018

In the past few days there has been growing criticism by many individuals and clear opposition from Christian, non-Christian and non-profit organizations, who have been affected by the new policies of the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

As Archbishop of Halifax-Yarmouth, I want to express to our Catholic faithful, my view that the Government’s policy on this matter is contrary to our rights as equal citizens of this country and no political party can impose its ideology on any one of us. The bishops of Canada are well aware of this imposition which contradicts Canadian citizens’ charter of rights to freedom of religion, conscience and speech. This policy, requiring a test of loyalty to the Liberal party’s politically correct perspective on what constitutes core Canadian values is totally unacceptable.

Our members of Parliament are elected to represent the views of their constituents, not impose the views of their party platform. If you disagree with the policy driving the Canada Summer Jobs program, let your MP know and let the Prime Minister know as well.

For your additional information, I am providing below a listing of some Canadian media reports, including the statement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, on this issue which you may find of interest.

†Anthony Mancini
Archbishop of Halifax-Yarmouth

CCCB Statement:


-National Post

Religious groups meet to discuss concerns over abortion clause in summer jobs grant application

Kelly McParland: Our flippant prime minister simply won't tolerate differing views

Trudeau's love of dictatorships is showing again at home

Rex Murphy: No summer jobs for you! And other decrees from Bishop Trudeau

John Ivison: Trudeau's stubbornness over summer jobs application defies common sense

-The Globe and Mail

Liberals must remember their values aren't the only ones that count

Anti-abortion activities, projects ineligible for Canada’s revamped youth service program (The Canadian Press)

Can Justin Trudeau tolerate real diversity?

- The Globe and Mail Editorial: In Canada abortion is a right. But so is criticizing it

-Ottawa Sun

Prendergast: The freedom to hold beliefs — as long as they are the government's

-The London Free Press

Abortion question complicates church funding

-Grandin Media

Religious freedom under threat

Summer jobs policy strikes at religious freedom, bishops say


Opposition grows as Liberals fight backlash on jobs funding

Charities grapple with Canada Summer Jobs policy change

-The B.C. Catholic

Justin Trudeau, meet George Orwell

-The Catholic Register

Charles Lewis: It’s official… pro-lifers are second class citizens 



-Le Devoir

La position de Justin Trudeau sur l’avortement irrite la droite américaine

-Le Soleil

La position de Trudeau sur l’avortement irrite la droite américaine (texte de La Presse Canadienne)


Trudeau confronte les groupes anti-avortement au sujet du financement des emplois d'été

-Présence information religieuse

Les évêques catholiques ulcérés par une clause d'Emplois d'été Canada

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