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Transformation: BE the Church!

Pastors, deacons, parish staff and parish lay leaders met transformation transpartent 250x113last weekend to learn more about the Archbishop's 2014 Pastoral Letter, Lord, Where are you going? — Domine Quo Vadis. Archbishop Mancini asked the group: Where is the Lord going? And more importantly, are we willing to follow where the Lord is going? He further stated: "We can't just go to church anymore. We have to BE the church!"

Several participants expressed their thoughts in this way...
"Thank you for an exceptional meeting on Saturday. I appreciate all the work that went into the Pastoral Letter and the development of the Pastoral Plan. It is encouraging to have a set Pastoral Plan that encourages collaboration among the parishes and sets the priorities to guide our church into the future. I am excited by this plan and although the results will not come without some effort on our part, I believe we will realize the fruits of our labour and be blessed in ways we cannot yet imagine."

Pastoral Letter 2014:

Lord, where are you going? – Quo Vadis, Domine?

Modern Day Martyrdom

Archbishop Mancini’s 2014 Pastoral Letter opens with the story ofquovadis - Jesus and Peter going in different directions 3Saint Peter meeting the Resurrected Lord on the road and asking him: Lord, where are you going? Jesus tells Peter he is returning to Rome to be crucified – again! This causes Peter to consider his own role in the ministry of the early Church. To be a follower of Christ at that time could cost a person his/her life. Two thousand years later, we can say the same. Christians are still being persecuted and in some parts of our world their faith is costing them their lives! Archbishop Mancini writes: “Perhaps in our own world of Nova Scotia, the demand for fidelity to Christ may be different, but no less costly. For us, martyrdom is more about giving authentic witness, which is living one’s life fully for Christ, than about physically dying for Christ. It’s about dying to self so as to live for Christ!”

Diaconal Ordination of Gerald Tufts

On November 8, Arch-bishop Mancini will ordain Mr. Gerald Tufts as a deacon crossdeacon for the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth. Gerald, the third of fifteen children, is a parishioner of the parish of Sacré-Coeur, in Saulnierville. Gerald, a retired teacher, and Joan, his wife of 45 years, have three children and five grandchildren. During a personal testimony at a diocesan gathering in 2012, Gerald shared his journey of faith: “You are all familiar with the poem ‘Footprints in the Sand.’ When I see the footprints of only one person, I know that they are not my own. Often God carries me and directs me in the right path by placing influential people in front of me… Maybe I can also be an influential person for someone else. …My Church is always there when I need her – now it is up to me to do my part for the Church.” Let us all keep Gerald and his family in our prayers as he begins his new ministry in the service of our local Church.

Archbishop's Annual Appeal

Your gift to the Appeal will directly benefit your parish. ArchHFXYAR ArchbishopAnnualAppeal2014 Header945x452Each parish is asked to achieve a financial goal for the campaign. The parish receives 20% of what they raise up to and including their goal. When a parish surpasses their goal they will receive 80% of the amount over their goal in addition to 20% of the goal amount. The benefit to your parish increases as the total increases!

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